Woodwork was invited to create the adidas Members Week campaign visuals. Members Week is an online festival full of athletes, artists, product drops, experiences, and rewards — for adidas' membership program Creators Club. 

The creative brief was both open and specific at the same time. The ask was to create a living and moving identity, inspired by the changing states of matter: solid to liquid to gas in an outer-worldly manner. 
The footage would be used throughout different touch-points, varying from in-store, print to online, and used as visual branding throughout the campaign. We sought to make an island for our matter to live in, rather than isolated scenes. Exploring different techniques and aesthetics for our world and objects to change into. Working hard on the look and feel of the rocks, water, and gas, while at the same time running a ton of simulations.
The end result is an estranging yet familiar and intriguing world that takes you on a journey of change. And at the same time feels exciting and fresh. Next to the main visual story, we had to bring the logo of Members Week to life. We explored a variety of animation styles within the concept, Solid - Liquid - Gas. Trying both 2D and 3D techniques. 
We teamed-up with some great talent from the industry. Director and digital artist Menno Fokma, Motion/AD Joe Lawrence from Make Lovely, and QuiteFranckly in South Africa for their awesome Houdini skills, and some simulation power from Berlin by Juan Garcia Segura. 

It was a true pleasure working together with these creatives. 

Client: adidas, Studio A 
Client Creative Producer: Cory Chonko 
Client Snr Manager Creative Production: Martin Granger 
Client Creative Director: Nadege Decastro 
Client Art Director: Anna Rita Sousa 
Client Designer: Delia Mennell 
Client Copywriter: Tom Biddulph 

Directed and produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam 
Executive Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan 
Executive Producer: Nina Fabel 
Creative Director: Menno Fokma 
Art & Motion Director: Joe Lawrence 
Simulations: Quite Franckly, Juan Garcia Segura, Ernst Noort 
Animation & Compositing: Joe Lawrence, Menno Fokma, Ernst Noort 3D 
animation intern: Viktor Alexandersson 
2D animation intern: Vivian Ramfjord

Music: THNDR (Max Gramser)
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