IONISIL (2024)

In late 2023 I was commissioned by new-energy startup Ionic to produce a film for their product, Ionisil, a nano-silicon powder intended to be used as a connective layer into electric vehicles batteries. Considering the company target of penetrating the USA market and position themselves in the B2B EV market, I developed a script that would introduce their new product along with its competitive advantages. Staying within Ionic brand guidelines, the visual style combines earth materials and pristine environments with bursts of energy.

Concept, Design, Animation - Juan Segura
Voice Over - Brady Hales
Music - Facundo Capece

Tools used in the production:
- Adobe Suite
- Cinema4D
- Otoy Octane Render
- Turbulence FD
- Xparticles
- Zbrush
- World Creator

The visual and motion concept is based in a pristine, clean world with accents of glass and light, where particles, earth and rock textures are combined with polished materials.
Organic, pulsating light creates flows of information and infographics on landscapes and glass bio-structures.

Concept and Visual exploration
Using its real aesthetics and the company brand guidelines, the main communication goal is to draw attention to the product, presenting it's advantages to the market's main actors in a succinct and appealing manner.
Product references and company's brand colors

Initial Visual Exploration


Visual Exploration

Production Process
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