Mind Tides (2021)

This is a representation of the constant tide of thoughts and images that whirl within the creative mind. The colorful and organic patterns are created by 5 millions of particles driven by a fluid simulation contained in a 3D mesh.

All aspects by Juan García Segura.
Mind Tides was created to be part of the NFT drop Time To Rise, that took place on Nifty Gateway on July 7th 2021. The 20 editions of this piece got sold in less than 5 minutes.

This drop includes the interpretation of 24 diferent artist of Ekaitza´s Skull, a cranium with spikes that became the signature object of this Crypto Artist and Collector.

The technique used to create this piece involved volume modeling to create and empty hull of the skull where a fluid simulation was created. This fluid simulation was then used to drive 5 millon of particles.

This animation achieves a rarely seen loop of physical dynamics in a 3D environment.

The soundtrack was created from a selection of hand-picked samples and sound effects.
Many iterations of the simulation where performed in search of pleasant aesthetics with a perfect loop.
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